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About Andika na Soma

In 2009/2010 Soma initiated an annual short story competition for secondary schools as a contribution to the generation of interesting and relevant literature for reluctant young readers authored by young people themselves. The competition is also aimed at mentoring our authors and validating them as creators; as well as creating role models and thus stimulating reading and creative writing interest. Besides nurturing interest in reading of, and creative writing talents; Soma aims as well to promote Kiswahili literature.

The Annual Short Story Competition for Secondary Schools is open to all secondary schools’ studentsthroughout the country. Its stated objectives are: to promote reading, to add young people’s voice and perspectives into the corpus of juvenile literature and to validate their creative writing contribution. Soma intends to use the competition to galvanize public interest and agency in supporting and promoting literacy using competitive approaches.

Students with the ten best entries will be invited to a five days creative writing workshop which culminates in a graduation ceremony. The aim of the workshop is to strengthen their skills and help them perfect their stories with the intent that some of them will be assisted to become enduring authors and some stories will reach publishable quality.

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