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Purpose Driven Life: Book Review

This spot is for reviews of books read and discussed during our monthly book clubs meetings  at Soma Book Cafe. The book clubs hosted and facilitated by Soma Book Cafe are: Charles Book Club, Taswira Book Club, Writers Support Club and Waka Poetry Consortium Introduction This is an independent, members-led Christian book club hosted by […]

Season’s Greetings From Soma.

We would like to register our appreciation for supporting our literary endeavors throughout the year and to assure you that Soma’s well stocked Bookshop, atmospheric Cafe and our Space that’s ideal for reading and discussing, will always be open for you – readers and lovers of literature. In spite of this year being very challenging […]

After School Dance Academy @ Soma

Do you want to Dance? Learn to Dance with Aloyce Makonde and Ally Mzuri @Soma book café 3 Months  (3 times a week) course at the end of which you will be able to: 1.      Tell a story through Contemporary Dance; 2.      Make a Street and Contemporary Dance presentations for an audience. Open to young […]

New tittles – children books

Baraka Blackbird is bored with her home. Her friend the Mbuyu  tree tells her; Your wings are gift of freedom, so fly” she follows her friend’s advice and explores the new lands, makes new friends and discovers courage that can be archieved by facing one’s fears.This is a charming allegorical tale Tsh:  16000/= Furaha must […]

Soma literary Competition 2013/2014 on April 2014

ANDIKA NA SOMA-SHINDANO LA UANDISHI WA HADITHI FUPI Shindano la Hadithi Fupi kwa Shule za Sekondari linaratibiwa na Taasisi ya Usomaji na Maendeleo-Soma. Shindano hili hufanyika kila mwaka. Kuanzia mwaka 2014 kilele chake kitaangukia  siku ya vitabu duniani ambayo ni tarehe 23 Aprili au karibu na tarehe hiyo. Siku hii huadhimishwa duniani kote kwa matamasha […]

U-Wake Poetry Meet-up at Soma Book Cafe–12/11/2013

Hello Ladies and Gents, Hope you’re well and kicking. Our last meet on the 29th of November was with Jasper, Chris, Roohi, Jolson, Pauline, Carol and Danstan. The theme explored was ‘Joy’ and we had four poems on theme by Carol. Jasper, Chris and Pauline. As well a couple more out of theme. We also […]

Book Launch at Soma Book Cafe On Tuesday,November 19th at 6:30 PM

Please join us in celebrating the publication by Cambridge University Press of RACE, NATION, AND CITIZENSHIP IN POST-COLONIAL AFRICA: THE CASE OF TANZANIA By Professor Ron Aminzade On TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH AT 6:30 PM At SOMA BOOK CAFÉ Home Q4 2018 53 Mlingotini Close, Regent Estate, Dar es Salaam A brief presentation by the author […]

Uwake Poetry Meet Up–Kesho 29th Oct.

Mabibi na Mabwana, Salaam! Greetings Ladies and Gents, Hope you’ve had a good two weeks. Karibuni tena kesho pale Soma Book cafe kwa usiku wa mashairi mwanana. Mada ni ‘Joy’-‘Furaha’. Apologies for not sending the moots of our last session earlier… On our last meet on the 15th of Oct, present were Demere, Jasper, Happy, […]

Run Free by Richard Mabala Available Now

Rehema and Clara are friends but the class differences between their families, engineered by Clara’s father, draws them apart. Rehema, whose father is a mason, has a loving family but she has to stuggle hard to get an education.Clara and her brother Patrick are well provided for in all their education needs, but their father’s […]

U-wake Poetry Meet Tonight

Mabibi na  Mabwana, Karibuni tena washairi na wapenzi wa ushairi usiku wa leo pale Mkahawa wa Vitabu Soma tughani, tuchambue na kufurahia tungo zetu. DHamira ya leo ni tungo tata kwani inadai tatizo. je, ni ufumbuzi, utatuzi au ni nini? shairi lako linaweza kulifummua fumbo hili…. kwa maelekezo ya njia, tazama ramani yako ya google […]