Hello Ladies and Gents,

Hope you’re well and kicking. Our last meet on the 29th of November was with Jasper, Chris, Roohi, Jolson, Pauline, Carol and Danstan. The theme explored was ‘Joy’ and we had four poems on theme by Carol. Jasper, Chris and Pauline. As well a couple more out of theme.

We also heard two poems on hair from Victoria and Atuwene who sent their poems via email namely ‘Beautiful Me” and ‘Akili Nywele’ respectively.

Beautiful Me was felt with a beautiful social critique with it’s belied sarcasm that brought the meaning more powerfully.. It inspired talk of beauty between the races, Is skin really black or white rather than various shades of crimson and brown.

‘Akili Nywele’

Was applauded for being written in Kiswahili, the melody was appreciated as well the meaning. Which gave a theme of appreciation for the uniqueness in humanity. It was felt the poem could use more ‘tying together’ as it touches on many topics but doesn’t sufficiently tell a flowing story.

It was a rife session and the theme for tomorrow is ‘Circle’….

Karibuni Sana from 7pm there’s lovely smoothies and bites from ‘Makuti Hall our in house Caribbean restaurant.

Directions: (Second right from Morocco if you’re coming from town going to Victoria-AAR junction. Then it’s first left then again first left…to the end house on the right is Soma.

Kona ya pili kulia kuanzia Morroco kama umetokea posta (kwenye kibao cha AAR). Alafu ni kona ya kwanza kushoto alafu tena kona ya kwanza kushoto, mwisho wa kona hii kulia ni Soma Book Cafe..)