U-Wake Poetry Meet Up–Tuesday 26th November 2013

Greetings everyone,

Hope you are well in your various abodes within and outside Dar es Salaam.
We met once again on Tuesday 12th at Soma Book Cafe for UWAKE.

Present were Jasper, Clara, Calister, Caroline, Pauline and Lola.
A cozy six the theme was ‘Circle’ and we heard four poems on the theme. Namely ‘Everlasting Holiday’ by Lola, Dot 2 Dot by Calister, God’s Rhyme by Caroline, and Facts and History by Jasper.

How good it was to see how the same was interpreted differently by the four poets. Lola spoke on letting go in love, Calister on the mechanics of the circle with reference to world geography in sumptuous ryhmes, Jasper took us to politics and legendary leaders in the past century or so and Caroline rounded with a universal allegory to the circle earth.

Yeah you should have been there, just kidding. We as well heard three other poems out of theme namely ‘Mimi na Wewe’ by Jasper, ‘Love is…’ by Calister and ‘Mtu Aliyefikiri’ recited by Caroline but written by Charles Mloka.

Mashairi mawili ya kiswahili yalileta nguvu mpya kwenye mkusanyiko huu. Mwenzangu na mie nilijifunza maneno mapya kama ‘hasi tu chanya’ na ‘tafakuri’.

Ulikuwa usiku mwanana na kama kawaida ya UWAKE washairi tulijengana kwa kutoa ushauri kwa kile kizuri na kile kinachohitaji kufanyiwa kazi kwenye mashairi yetu kwa kadri ya upeo wetu.

It’s my pleasure and perhaps as Chris points out it’s a little sad that the next poetry session this 26th of November will be the last for the year. Since we began in April this year I’ve seen growth in our regular poets we’ve had poets Pauline and Happy write poetry for the first time which is something UWAKE should be proud.

I know many of those who’ve come to UWAKE are currently out of the city and or country. Which is why I hope you’ll be happy with our 2013 year end present–a collection of the poems contributed this year which were submitted to the coordinator. Please don’t forget to submit yours if you haven’t done so already.

We shall as well make the emails of all members visible to the members of UWAKE. If you don’t wish to have your email shared to other UWAKE members please let us know before the end of day on 24th Nov 2013.

Theme for next session is ‘Second Chances’ karibuni wote ni mkutano wetu wa mwisho kwa mwaka huu….