Heyloe Ladies and Gents,

We met again last Tuesday at Soma Book Cafe, we had four new members (Ngasuma, Esther, Eliya and Lisa) and together (Carol, Pauline, Kido) seven of us made the session.

The theme was ‘The hand that feeds you’ we heard three poems on theme and two others. Namely ‘Lost in the woods’ (interim title) by Kido; ‘The hand that feeds you’-Lisa; ‘The hand that feeds you-Ngasuma’…Also we heard ‘Mama’s Cows-Esther and Music’s Universal-Carol.

Before we tell a bit about those poems here’s one poem which we composed in the session…


I have been made outcast, character assassinated
Every one’s storm is different
This forecast is only mine

Her breath is like a midnight storm
And when she speaks
The earth quakes

Just as I catch that, I lose this
or maybe if I Be this
I’ll stand still in this storm of bliss

As it blows, affects so many around
Old, youth and children as well
People stop by, stop and stare

The leaves start shivering
Softly at first and then
He comes

I need a storm to steal my fears
Wash away layers of grit
Leaving the smell of fresh earth here to stay

Far away beneath the hills, that I could see with my naked eyes
I see the sun peeping as it raises above the clouds
As I anxiously await to wave the storm goodbye.

By Eliya, Esther, Caroline, Pauline, Lisa, Ngasuma, Jasper(Kido).

This poem was composed by all present with the theme ‘Storm’ in mind and three lines as the mandate.

From the poems read we heard ooh and aah’s, positive criticism and outright admiration. All in all the session was enjoyed and poetry was once again a feeder of spirit and mind.

The theme for next session is ‘Call me’…

P.S. Hand in your poems through word documents if you’ve shared them at UWAKE. (Kiru would love to have that ‘toast’ and Esther some ‘Milk’…) this is for our archive and future events.

K. Rgds

Coordinator Caroline Uliwa