Mabibi na Mabwana, Salaam!

Greetings Ladies and Gents, Hope you’ve had a good two weeks.

Karibuni tena kesho pale Soma Book cafe kwa usiku wa mashairi mwanana. Mada ni ‘Joy’-‘Furaha’.

Apologies for not sending the moots of our last session earlier… On our last meet on the 15th of Oct, present were Demere, Jasper, Happy, Kiru, Kuxi, Chris, Caroline and a lovely gentleman who came late and I forgot his name.

The theme we explored was ‘Hair’…we heard six poems on theme-Tofauti by Caroline, ‘Dread or dreadnot’ by Jasper, Untitled yet by Demere, Untitled yet by Happy. As well ‘Old woman in the library’ and ‘Surgical Ward’ by Kiru.

We also heard ‘Mama’s Daughter’ by Jasper and Ma Demere recited ‘Ukifanikiwa Waitwa Freemason’ by Hemedi Mwitele.

A fabulous session it turns out we also received two poems on hair by Atuwene and Victoria via email which I was late to download for the group. Suffice to say we’ll hear them in our next session… same as Kahabi Isangula’s Nywele.

We had three new members including Chris, Kuxi and the lovely mysterious gentleman who was late (in my defense as if I’m never late anyway…).

The poems were diverse and rich; some were penned in the session others maybe a decade ago. It was a delight to hear first time poets like Happy give a layered poem with great possibilities for a first timer…

We also heard more Kiswahili poems in this session which was a delight, we laughed, scratched heads and happily got lost in poetry. Through evocative recitations and thought out commentaries.

Directions: (Second right from Morocco if you’re coming from town going to Victoria-AAR junction. Then it’s first left then again first left…to the end house on the right is SOMA.

Kona ya pili kulia kuanzia Morroco kama umetokea posta (kwenye kibao cha AAR). Alafu ni kona ya kwanza kushoto alafu tena kona ya kwanza kushoto, mwisho wa kona hii kulia ni Soma Book Cafe..)

P.S. This Friday Poetry Addiction is having a show at Triniti, Oysterbay DSM. Lady poets are the sole performers in spoken word. Please feel free to contact if interested to perform.

Kind Regards

Coordinator Caroline Uliwa and/na wana Soma team