Hello Ladies and Gents,

We met again last week Tuesday, we had with us three new members. Bandele, Dimple and Hayqal.
Altogether we were seven of us, the theme was Hip Hop and poetry. We heard a recently released Hip Hop track shot by Zavara featuring other African Diaspora artists like Nasambu and the group ‘Rhyme like a girl.
This was the only poem on theme…

We otherwise heard and shared comments on poems and poem concepts. And lastly we all managed to compose our own poem on the spot. The poem title was  ‘Heart of the Matter’ each of us had to compose four lines, am proud of all of us, especially those who weren’t used to writing poetry.

“The Heart of the Matter”

Haya yote ya leo, yanaletwa na chuki
Wenye chuki wa leo, wanauma zaidi ya nyuki
Na marungu ya kileo, yanayopiga la kurudi
Wenye moyo wa mdudu chungu, wateseka kwa machungu
I may not always be right
But I know I have the right to fight
Not all fights are right
So tell me, how I can get it right
If this soliloquy had an audience
If this stammering was jabbering
If this nostalgia was of essence
Then we wouldn’t be falling apart
If time had wings, we could land on cloud nine
Listening for ever and ever
To melodies from a billion Obokano strings
And finally the once lost paradise would be mine
It pumps erratic non stop
For every flat line another births’ marked
The people’s Spirit is the heart
The nation is the body never death do us part
I wanted to uproot the imprint of your love
But I’ve decided I’ll walk regained
In the splendor I found as Woman ordained
By the kiss of the sun in our time
Sometimes dreams are hard to make real
Because they require you to feel
To be bold, to stumble, to stay the course
With only passion and perseverance as your oars

©Ibrahim Mdachi, Martha Zambetakis, Hayqal Mushi, Olajumoke Adeyanju, Bandele Djassi, Caroline Uliwa, Tendai Karonga

It was a great session, and we have even greater news.
On the East African Newspaper this week there’s a feature on our group…
 At the coming session…the theme is ‘Solutions’….
We would love to see you next time, which is on the 9th 7pm…